FNE at connecting cottbus 2016: Heirs


    COTTBUS: Cottbus has been working aggressively toward strengthening the German-Polish connection in the film industry. This year one example of that partnership is the connecting cottbus project Heirs.

    The film is produced by Julia Vorbieva of Berlin based Film & Media Production ZaFilm and Pawel Tarasiewicz of Amondo Films (with offices in Warsaw), and directed by Svetozar Golovlev.

    The neo-noir thriller, which Golovlev also wrote, is set on an isolated Baltic Sea island where several siblings gather to bury their father. One by one, the siblings die under mysterious circumstances until only the last son survives, to discover his father, who had been in a mental institution, faked his own death in order to kill off his children and save them from going mad themselves. The director is completing the final draft of the script.

    The budget is 620,000 EUR. The German-Polish Co-Development Fund, which is a partnership of the Polish Film Institute, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Leipzig-based MDM, gave the film a grant of 34,500 EUR. The filmmakers will next apply for the fund’s new production grant scheme. The producers, who are targeting the film for a large audience via multiple platforms, came to Cottbus in search of coproducers, postproduction support, world sales and broadcast partners. They are looking in particular for partners from Germany, Poland, the Baltics, France and Scandinavia.

    ZaFilm was launched as a distribution company to bring CEE films to German-speaking territories. Amondo Films is a young production company, whose first Polish production was released in 2015.

    Production Information:

    Amondo Films
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