FNE at connecting cottbus 2016: Sister


    COTTBUS: Macedonia arrived at connecting cottbus on 10 November with Sister, an intimate drama about testing the limits of friendship. The film is produced by List Production and directed by Dina Duma.

    Duma is also the co-author of the script, along with Martin Ivanov, about two teenage girls in Skopje. One is a risk-taker, who pushes her reticent friend into uncomfortable situations that eventually result in a fight, which leaves a rival girl dead.

    The film is budgeted at 585,000 EUR, with 28,000 EUR for development from the Macedonian Film Agency and in-kind support from Krug Film. The producer and director are in Cottbus seeking coproducers, distributors and sales agents.

    The film was developed through the Sarajevo programme Pack&Pitch, the Manaki Script Lab and the Maia Workshop. The film has an Italian coproducer, Yanez Film, and is applying for a grant from the co-development fund between Macedonia and Italy. The film's producer Marija Dimitrova told FNE that they would be seeking an Italian script doctor, since Macedonia doesn’t have a tradition or training pogramme in that area. Duma added that a lack of scriptwriters meant she had to co-write her own screenplay.

    Sister will be the feature film debut from the director and is one of four features in development at the young production company. Shooting should take place in spring/summer 2018.

    Production Information:

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