FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2018: Men of Deeds


    COTTBUS: Producers Anamaria Antoci and Ana-Maria Voicu of Tangaj Production and Papillon Film pitched the Romanian project Men of Deeds directed by Nicolae Constantin Tanase at the 20th edition of Connecting Cottbus, which took place 8-9 November 2018. The project won the Best Pitch award at Connecting Cottbus.

    The film, described as a slow-burn thriller, is the story of a divorced policeman in his late 30’s, whose friendly relationships with a corrupt mayor lead him to ignore, and even become an accomplice in, a murder. His moral conundrum is heightened by tensions building in the village.

    The budget is 600,000 EUR with 350,000 EUR in place. The film received a grant of 245,000 EUR from the Romanian Film Centre in May 2018.

    Tanase made his feature film debut with The World is Mine produced by Libra Film and coproduced by deFilm, which won the award for Best Debut at the 2015 Romanian Gopo Awards.

    Production Information:

    Tangaj Production Tangaj Production
    Papillon Film

    Director: Nicolae Constantin Tanase
    Script: Radu Romaniuc
    Producers: Anamaria Antoci, Ana-Maria Voicu Paul Negoescu