FNE at FilmFestival Cottbus 2019: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Poland Get Coveted Competition Slots at Cottbus

    Corpus Christi by Jan Komasa Corpus Christi by Jan Komasa photo: Aurum Film

    COTTBUS: Debut films from Georgia and from Bosnia & Herzegovina are among the 12 films competing for the top prize at the 29th FilmFestival Cottbus, which takes place 5 – 10 November 2019. Poland will be represented by a competition film as well as the closing night film, Corpus Christi by Jan Komasa, which has become a critical and a domestic box office success. The Cypriot hit Smuggling Hendrix by Marios Piperides will open the festival.

    Croatia has three coproductions in the competition, and Bulgaria and Slovakia both have competition entries. Montenegrin director Marija Perovic will serve on the international jury. The festival also has an extensive spotlight section devoted to Montenegro, consisting of 16 short and full-length films.

    Cottbus FF continues to solidify its position as a bridge to CEE films, with German Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz becoming an official patron of the festival this year.

    "The end of the so-called Iron Curtain was the beginning of FilmFestival Cottbus, which since 1991 has developed into one of the world's leading festivals of East European cinema. Since then, the films of the 29 editions have also reflected the enormous transformation in the East European states. They take us into the reality of life on site. And let us feel through their characters what change means for each and every individual“,  Scholz said in a statement.

    Feature Film Competition:

    My Thoughts are Silent (Ukraine)
    Directed by Antonio Lukich

    Aga's House / Shpia e Agës (Kosovo, Croatia, France, Albania)
    Directed by Lendita Zeqiraj
    Produced by N'ART FILMS
    Coproduced by WOOF FILMS, Sacrebleu Productions, SKA-NDAL, SY13
    Supported by the Kosovo Cinematography Center,  the Albanian Center of Cinematography, the City of Vrgorac, the MEDIA Programme, Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo

    By a Sharp Knife / Ostrým nožom (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Teodor Kuhn
    Produced by nutprodukcia
    Coproduced by Madness Productions, RTVS and nutprodukce in cooperation with Home Media Production
    Supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Slovak Literary Fund and the Czech Cinematography Fund

    I am Ren (Poland)
    Directed by Piotr Ryczko
    Produced by Holly Pictures

    The Voice (Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia)
    Directed by Ognjen Svilicic
    Produced by MaXima Film, Skopje Film Studio, Biberche Productions
    Supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, North Macedonia Film Agency, Film Center Serbia, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the Croatian Radiotelevision 

    Pig / Gori (Gerogia)
    Directed by Giga Liklikadze
    Produced by Sarke Studio
    Supported by Georgian National Film Center

    National Street (Czech Republic, Germany)
    Directed by Stepan Altrichter

    Love Cuts / Rezi (Serbia, Croatia)
    Directed by Kosta Dordevic
    Produced by Kinematografska Kuca (Serbia), Marinis Media (Croatia), Platforma (Serbia)
    Supported by Film Center Serbia

    Sister (Bulgaria, Qatar)
    Directed by Svetla Tsotsorkova
    Produced by Omega Films
    Coproduced by Audiovideo Orpheus, the Doha Film Institute

    Full Moon / Pun Mjesec (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
    Directed by Nermain Hamzagic
    Produced by SCCA/pro.ba
    Coproduced by BHRT
    Supported by Ministry of Culture and Sport of Kanton Sarajevo and the Film Fund of Bosnia & Herzegovina

    The Sun Above Me Never Sets (Russia)
    Directed by Lyubov Borisova

    The Adventures of Sukran the Lame (Turkey)
    Directed by Onur Unlu