FNE at connecting cottbus 2019: Rattlesnakes


    COTTBUS: Serbia’s Biberche is working on the political thriller Rattlesnakes directed by Nikola Ljuca and produced by Nikolina Vucetic-Zecevic and Maja Ilic, as a coproduction with France and Croatia The film was pitched at connecting cottbus, 6 – 8 November 2019.

    The Rattlesnakes of the title are a paramilitary organisation responsible for war crimes. The film’s two protagonists, political activists Nadja and Boris, discover a video of neoliberal tycoon admitting to his involvement with the organisation. They try to make the video public, but are betrayed, and Nadja finds herself in danger from a member of the Secret Police, who had raped her at her former job. The complex story questions the meaning and relative nature of freedom in a society which is newly democratic, but where past issues of corruption and patriarchal power are still alive.

    The film has an estimated budget of 900,000 EUR, with 10,000 EUR in place. The producers are looking for one or two additional coproducers.

    The production is scheduled to begin shooting at the end of 2021. The producers have completed the fifth and final draft of the film, which will have a stylised visual approach.

    Rattlesnakes is Ljuca’s second feature film. He is currently in pre-production with a documentary film.

    Production information:

    Biberche (Serbia)

    ASAP Films (France)
    Maxima Film (Croatia)

    Director: Nikola Ljuca
    Writers: Vuk Boskovic, Stasa Bajac, Nikola Ljuca
    Producers: Nikolina Vucetic-Zecevic, Maja Ilic