Variety Sets Exclusive Editorial Partnership With Film New Europe


    WARSAW: FNE is pleased to announce that Variety has struck an exclusive editorial agreement with news service Film New Europe to augment its coverage of growing content markets across Eastern and Central Europe. Film New Europe sees this agreement as an important event in its strategic development.

    FNE here republishes this important news of our partnership as published in Variety today.

    “The partnership gives Variety access to Film New Europe’s roster of top journalists dedicated to reporting on the rapid expansion of media and entertainment in 18 countries, including Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria and Croatia. At a time when global markets have never been more vital to the business of Hollywood, the alliance with Film New Europe allows Variety to bring more essential news and analysis to its audience of industry professionals.

    The pact is “a continuation of Variety‘s commitment to covering global show business which began, in essence, with our very first issue in 1905,” said Steven Gaydos, Variety‘s Executive Editor of Global Content, who spearheaded the deal. “If you study the history of Hollywood you see that the ties between Central and Eastern Europe and Hollywood date back more than a century and the world today is even more interconnected. And because of the current Ukraine crisis, Variety‘s readers will be able to access Film New Europe’s reporting at perhaps the most critical time in that long history.”

    Based in Warsaw, Film New Europe has been active since 2010.

    The partnership “will be a major benefit to both of our brands and their readers with FNE providing local, up-to-the-minute information from its network of world class local correspondents on the ground in 18 countries of the fastest developing economies of Europe and Variety, providing access to its global readership by top professionals in the film industry,” said Anna Franklin, General Director of Film New Europe.

    Manori Ravindran, Variety‘s International Editor, emphasised the significance of the pact adding a new dimension to Variety‘s coverage.

    “With the world’s attention increasingly turned toward Eastern and Central Europe, Variety’s partnership with Film New Europe comes at a critical time for the global industry,” Ravindran said. “This partnership will allow Variety to cover this important and evolving region comprehensively, accurately and more urgently, further expanding on our world-leading coverage of the international business of entertainment.”