FNE at Cannes 2022: Scripteast Award Goes to Hungarian Script Our Place is Outer Space

    FNE at Cannes 2022: Scripteast Award Goes to Hungarian Script Our Place is Outer Space credit: ScripTeast

    CANNES: The Hungarian scriptwriting team Daniel Daoud and Simon Szabo were awarded the Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award 2022 for the Best Eastern European Script for Our Place Is Outer Space. Special Mention went to Jan Koos from Slovakia for his script The Ferryman.

    The award, including a cheque for 10.000 EUR, was presented on 24 May during the Cannes Film Festival by the ScripTeast Artistic Board which includes Doreen Boonekamp, Sandy Lieberson, Antonio Saura, Manfred Schmidt, and Simon Perry, along with longtime heads of studies Christian Routh and Gyula Gazdag.

    The winner was chosen from the ten screenplays from ten Central and Eastern European countries that took part in the 16th edition.

    Projects featured in the 16th edition of ScripTeast:

    A Child Made to Order
    By Patricia Ryczko (Poland)

    China Sea
    By Saule Bliuvaite and Jurgis Matulevicius (Lithuania)

    The Ferryman
    By Jan Koos (Slovakia)

    K O B O L D
    By Bodo Kox (Poland)

    On the Edge
    By Jakub Votypka (Czech Republic)

    Our Place Is Outer Space
    By Daniel Daoud and Simon Szabo (Hungary)

    Princess Maya
    By Margo Zubashvili (Georgia)

    By Liviu Sandulescu and Iulia Lumanare (Romania)

    Washed and Buried
    By Martin Turk (Slovenia) and Fabrizio Bozzetti (Italy)

    By Vlada Senkova and Larisa Oleinik (Belarus)

    The programme of the 16th edition of ScripTeast began in October last year with a week-long workshop that included individual meetings with world-famous screenwriters, directors and producers, followed by individual online consultations. In February this year, the screenwriters participated in online sessions at the Berlinale. The final session of this cycle was concluded during the Cannes Film Festival. ScripTeast is organised by Polish Independent Film Foundation