EFA Launches Month of European Film on 13 November 2022

    EFA Launches Month of European Film on 13 November 2022 credit: EFA

    BERLIN: The European Film Academy is celebrating European cinema through a series of events entitled Month of European Film, starting on 13 December and culminating with the 35th European Film Awards gala in Reykjavik on 10 December 2022.

    Cinemas from the Europa Cinemas network will host all across Europe special programmes, events and retrospectives, while the global streaming platform MUBI will present a special focus on European Films with 100 titles available starting 14 November 2022.

    The first event of the Month of European Film is the European Arthouse Cinema Day, a project organised by the International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE).

    The partner cinemas of the Month of European Film include: Kino Meeting Point in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Cinema House in Sofia (Bulgaria), Art-kino Croatia in Rijeka (Croatia), Kino Aero in Prague (Czech Republic), Kino Soprus in Tallinn (Estonia), Otthon Mozi in Kecskemét (Hungary), Splendid Palace in Riga (Latvia), Pasaka in Vilnius (Lithuania), Cultural Center in Bar (Montenegro), Kino Nowe Horyzonty in Wrocław (Poland), Cinema Muzeul Țăranului in Bucharest (Romania), Cinemax in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Mestni kino Ptuj in Ptuj (Slovenia)

    Click HERE for more information about the Month of European Film.