FNE at Festival De Cannes 2009: Competition Antichrist


    CANNES: Lars Von Trier's Antichrist lived up to the controversy that has surrounded the film when it unspooled in today's press screening. The film follows a grieving and troubled couple to their isolated cab in the woods but as the images of sex and nudity Von Trier subjects his audience to grow increasingly disturbing to look at you have to ask if the result is worth the experience you are subjected to.

    Von Trier was asked in the press conference to justify himself and typically he refused saying that he had made "this little film" not for an audience but for himself. He said the film had been created by the hand of God and that he was the best director in the world. The Danish director has often been in Cannes and in 2000 he won the Palme d'Or for Dancers in the Dark, in 1996 the Grand Prix du Jury for Breaking the Waves and in 1991 Europa won the Prix du Jury.

    Von Trier said that the film was based on images and dreams that he had during a deep depression that he suffered from two years ago. "I couldn't work. Everything no matter what seemed unimportant, trival." Six months later he wrote a script where he describes the images of being free of logic or dramatic thinking and he asserts that the film was a kind of therapy for him.

    Von Trier defended the film which he dedicated to the Russian film director Tarkovski as being the most important of his career.

    "Tarkovski is a real God," Von Trier said in the press conference. "When I saw The Mirror for the first time I was in ecstasy." Russian journalists in the audience at the press conference claimed to understand the film. Perhaps there is a Slavic sensibility to the film as one of the producers was Zentropa Poland.


    Lars VON TRIER - Director

    Lars VON TRIER - Screenplay

    Anthony DOD MANTLE - Cinematography

    Karl "KALLI" JULIUSSON - Set Designer

    Anders REFN - Film Editor

    Kristian EIDNES ANDERSEN - Sound


    Willem DAFOE

    Charlotte GAINSBOURG