FNE at Transilvania IFF 2019 Pitch Stop: Beggar


    CLUJ-NAPOCA: The Bulgarian project Beggar by director Nadya Koseva and producer Vladimir Andreev was presented at the fifth edition of Transilvania Pitch Stop taking place at the Transilvania IFF, running through 9 June 2019. The film is being produced by Borough Film.

    Beggar will be Koseva’s second film, following the award-winning Irina (produced by Stefan Kitanov’s Art Fest). The project was presented at the Sofia Meetings in 2018. The film is set in a small town, where a corrupt businessman is trying to make a deal and needs to enlist the help of a poor man’s dog to impress his potential investors with a wild boar hunt. Beggar is a 60-year-old retired miner, who is opposed to the plans for a radioactive waste dump. He succeeds in stopping the hunt, saving the wild boar and stopping the project

    The film received a production grant of 542,000 EUR from the Bulgarian National Film Center in November 2018, which will cover 45% of the budget. The producers are waiting for Bulgarian TV to join the project. The filmmakers have a script in place and are now working on a new draft.

    Production information:

    Borough Film (Bulgaria)
    Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

    Director: Nadya Koseva