Adrian Sârbu Launches New Aleph News TV Channel in Romania


    BUCHAREST: Adrian Sârbu, former CEO of Central European Media Enterprises (CME) and the helmer of Pro TV, launched a new channel in Romania on 31 August 2020. Aleph News is the first chapter of a bigger project that he calls “social television”.

    “Aleph News is a project for the 21st century, which will create its own market - the consumers of information and entertainment on mobile devices, those who have abandoned or who have been abandoned by the traditional television,” Sârbu said in a statement.

    The channel can be reached via cable and satellite at almost all the communication companies in Romania: Vodafone, Telekom, Orange, iNES and NextGen, as well as online on alephnews.ro, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

    For mobile phones, the channel is formatted 9:16, similar as for Instagram. The target is 1.3 m people.

    Aleph News is the first TV channel from Aleph Group to be launched. It will be followed by Aleph Business and Aleph Comedy, which received a license together with Aleph News in June 2020, as well as Aleph Harmony, Aleph Education and Smart TV, which is co-managed with the journalist Marius Tucă and which also received a license in June 2020.