BOX OFFICE: Domestic Box Office in Romania Shows Slight Decline in 2020

    Miami Bici by Jesús del Cerro Miami Bici by Jesús del Cerro

    BUCHAREST: Domestic box office in Romania fell by less than 20 percent in 2020 compared to 2019, as the comedy Miami Bici by Jesús del Cerro broke records with 2,382,001 EUR / 11,603,217 RON gross, which is more than double of the result of Oh, Ramona! by Cristina Jacob, the domestic hit of 2019. Miami Bici also tops the general box office. General box office results, however, were hit hard in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Miami Bici was released on 20 February 2020 and managed to rack up 552,238 admissions (according to Cinemagia) in only four weeks, before the pandemic broke. Oh, Ramona! had 260,531 admissions and approximately 1 m EUR / 5,094,311 RON gross in 12 weeks.

    Romanian films brought in approximately 2.5 m EUR / 12,286,542 RON in 2020, compared to 3 m EUR / 14,733,843 RON in 2019.

    The general box office in Romania dropped dramatically from 56.4 m EUR in 2019 to 11.2 m EUR in 2020 as the cinemas were completely closed for five months and afterwards intermitently till the end of the year. The numbers give Romanian domestic films a market share of well over 20 percent.

    A total of 61 titles were theatrically released in 2020, compared to 194 in 2019. Twelve Romanian titles were released in 2020, half of them before the pandemic broke and the rest of them in the autumn of 2020.

    In the general box office, Miami Bici is followed by Bad Boys for Life with 419,184 admissions and 1.9 m EUR / 9,381,164 RON, and Doolittle with 129,695 admissions and 564,000 EUR / 2,748,027 RON.

    In the domestic chart Miami Bici is followed by Alexander Nanau's collective / colectiv with 22,503 admissions and 76,442 EUR / 372,369 RON gross and another documentary, Ștefan Mandachi's 30 Years and 15 Minutes / 30 de ani și 15 minute, with 4,456 admissions and 17,073 EUR / 83,170 RON gross.

    Miami Bici was produced by Watchme Productions and was distributed by Vertical Entertainment. collective was produced by Alexander Nanau Production in coproduction with Samsa Film, HBO Europe, and it was released by Bad Unicorn on 27 February 2020. 30 Years and 15 Minutes was produced by Mandachi Films and released by Follow Art Distribution on 2 October 2020.