FNE at TIFF Romanian Days 2021: Unidentified


    CLUJ-NAPOCA: Police thriller Unidentified, the sophomore feature by the Romanian-born New York-based writer/director Bogdan George Apetri will screen in the Romanian Days programme at the 20th edition of the Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), which takes place in Cluj-Napoca from 23 July to 1 August 2021. Unidentified is part of a trilogy set in the director’s hometown of Piatra Neamț. The second part of the trilogy, Miracle, was shot at the same time with Unidentified.

    An unsolved case. An unknown criminal. An obsessed cop. His investigation plunges him into a world of darkness and violence, pulling everyone around him into a web of destructive passion and revenge.

    Apetri penned the script together with Iulian Postelnicu. The main characters are played by Bogdan Farcaș, Dragoș Dumitru, Vasile Muraru and Ana Popescu.

    The film was shot by the acclaimed Moldavian cinematographer Oleg Mutu before the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Unidentified / Neidentificat is a coproduction between Romania, the Czech Republic and Latvia, and it was produced by Florin Șerban and Bogdan George Apetri through Fantascope Films in coproduction with Viktor Schwarcz through Cineart TV Prague and Aija Bērziņa through Tasse Film. Minodora Șerban is executive producing and Oana Iancu is associate producer.

    The project was supported by the Romanian Film Centre, Eurimages, the Czech Film Fund, the National Film Centre of Latvia, The East Company, the Romanian National Television (TVR), Correct Media and Earlybird.

    The film had its world premiere in the Meet the Neighbors competition at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, where Apetri’s debut feature Outbound / Periferic (produced by Saga Film in coproduction with Germany’s Aichholzer Filmproduktion) received the Golden Alexander in 2010. Actors Actorii Bogdan Farcaș and Dragoș Dumitru received the Jury Special Prize at the Warsaw Film Festival 2020, where the film screened in the International Competition.

    Transilvania Film will release the film in Romania on 6 August 2021.

    Production Information:

    Fantascope Films (Romania)
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    Cineart TV Prague (Czech Republic)
    Tasse Film (Latvia)

    Director: Bogdan George Apetri
    Scriptwriters: Iulian Postelnicu, Bogdan George Apetri
    DoP: Oleg Mutu
    Editor: Bogdan George Apetri
    Sound: Mārtiņš Rozentāls, Jiří Klenka
    Set design: Mihaela Poenaru
    Costume designer: Liene Dobrāja
    Make-up: Bianca Boeroiu
    Cast: Bogdan Farcaș, Dragoș Dumitru, Vasile Muraru, Ana Popescu