FESTIVALS: Astra Film Festival 2021 Announces Lineup


    SIBIU: Eight long documentaries have been selected for the Emerging Voices of Documentary competition of the 28th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival - Astra Film Festival, which will take place in Sibiu, Romania, 5-12 September 2021.

    The festival is also organising three other competition sections: Central and Eastern Europe, Romania and DocSchool. In total, 84% of the films that will be screened in Sibiu are world or national premieres.

    The prizes are offered by HBO Europe, the German Consulate in Sibiu, the Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN), the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) and Cinelabs, and their value is 20,000 EUR.

    The festival is organised by Astra Film, CNM Astra and Astra Film Foundation.

    Emerging Voices of Documentary Competition:

    A Black Jesus (Germany)
    Directed by Luca Lucchesi

    A Man and a Camera (the Netherlands)
    Directed by Guido Hendrikx

    For Your Comfort and Your Safety (France)
    Directed by Frédéric Mainçon

    Hands of God (Hungary, Romania)
    Directed by Barna László

    I’ll Stand by You (Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland)
    Directed by Virginija Vareikyte, Maximilien Dejoie

    Kodokushi (Turkey)
    Directed by Ensar Altay

    Night Nursery (Burkina Faso)
    Directed by Moumouni Sanou

    Our Child (Switzerland)
    Directed by Marina Belobrovaja

    Central and Eastern Europe Competition:

    Homo Sovieticus (Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic)
    Directed by Ivo Briedis

    Landscape Zero (Croatia)
    Directed by Bruno Pavić

    Last Knights of the Right Side (Poland)
    Directed by Michal Edelman

    Nun of Your Business (Croatia, Serbia)
    Directed by Ivana Marinić Kragić

    Rampart (Serbia)
    Directed by Marko Grba Singh

    Roses. Film-Cabaret (Ukraine)
    Directed by Irena Stetsenko

    Taming the Garden (Switzerland, Georgia, Germany)
    Directed by Salome Jashi

    The Last Tape from Bosnia (Spain)
    Directed by Albert Solé

    Where the World Ends (Belgium, Norway, Lithuania, Croatia)
    Directed by Anna Savchenko

    Wolves at the Borders (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Martin Páv

    Romania Competition:

    #newTogether (Austria, Romania)
    Directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu

    Fragil(e) (Romania)
    Directed by Ioana Mischie

    Hymn from the Hive (Romania)
    Directed by Jacopo Marzi

    My Uncle Tudor (Belgium, Portugal, Hungary)
    Directed by Olga Lucovnicova

    Occasional Spies (Romania)
    Directed by Oana Giurgiu

    Stela, in the Name of the Father (Romania)
    Directed by Anca Hirte

    The Certainty of Probabilities (Romania)
    Directed by Raluca Durbacă

    The Missing One (France)
    Directed by Rareş Ienasoaie

    The Shawkat Mistery (Romania)
    Directed by Ágnes Maksay

    Us against Us (Romania)
    Directed by Andra Tarara

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