FESTIVALS: Animest International Animation Film Festival 2021 Ready to Kick Off

    3 geNARRATIONS by Paulina Ziolkowska 3 geNARRATIONS by Paulina Ziolkowska

    BUCHAREST: A total of 47 animated short films from 27 countries are competing for the 2021 Animest Trophy, the coveted prize that ensures the winner eligibility for the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. The 16th Animest International Animation Film Festival will take place in a hybrid format in Bucharest and online from 8 to 17 October 2021.

    Four titles are vying in the long animated films competition. They include The Crossing by Florence Miailhe, a coproduction between France, the Czech Republic and Germany, produced by Les films de l’Arlequin and coproduced by Balance Film, MAUR film and ARTE France, as well as My Sunny Maad by Michaela Pavlátová, produced by Czech Negativ Film in coproduction with France’s Sacrebleu Productions, Slovakia’s BFilm and the Czech Television. Eleven films are competing in the Romanian competition.

    Another 31 short films are also competing in their dedicated section. Over 1,850 international short films were submitted for the 2021 edition.

    The festival will also host the 3rd edition of Pitch, please!, a competition for short animated films in preproduction from Romania and Moldova.

    Animest is supported by the Romanian Film Centre and the Bucharest Municipality through ARCUB as part of the Bucharest – Open City 2021 Programme.

    Short Film Competition:

    3 geNARRATIONS (Poland)
    Directed by Paulina Ziolkowska

    A Bite of Bone (Japan)
    Directed by Honami Yano

    A Mini Trilogy (USA)
    Directed by Shannon Lee

    Affairs of the Art (UK)
    Directed by Joanna Quinn

    Anxious Body (France)
    Directed by Yoriko Mizushiri

    Bestia (Chile)
    Directed by Hugo Covarrubias

    Boscombe Bound (UK)
    Directed by Corrianna Clarke

    Camouflage (the Netherlands)
    Directed by Remco Polman

    Comeback (Latvia)
    Directed by Vladimir Leschiov

    Congregation (Australia)
    Directed by Nick Simpson

    Conversation with a Whale (Austria)
    Directed by Anna Samo

    Cromosoma X (Italy)
    Directed by Lucia Bulgheroni

    Darwin’s Notebook (Switzerland)
    Directed by Georges Schwitzgebel

    Don’t Sit Back and Stay Quiet (Germany)
    Directed by Marlene Binder

    Easter Eggs (Belgium)
    Directed by Nicolas Keppens

    Forever (USA)
    Directed by Mitch McGlocklin

    Having an Invisible Disability (UK)
    Directed by Florence Burns

    Hide (Hungary)
    Directed by Daniel Gray

    Horacio (France)
    Directed by Caroline Cherrier

    It Wasn’t Bourgogne (France)
    Directed by Mathias de Panafieu, Sonia Gerbeaud

    Julian Tuwim: To Everyman (Poland)
    Directed by Cezary Albinski

    Life’s a Bitch (Russia)
    Directed by Varya Yakovleva

    Maalbeek (France)
    Directed by Ismail Joffroy Chandoutis

    Hourvari (France)
    Directed by Felicien Bonniot, Pauline Jacquelin

    It Was Only a Rock That Look Like Someone (Mexico)
    Directed by Matisse Gonzalez

    My Mother’s Pain (Colombia)
    Directed by Juliana Erazo

    Ned (UK)
    Directed by Sharon E. Sorensen

    Night Bus (Taiwan)
    Directed by Joe Hsieh

    Prince in a Pastry Shop (Poland)
    Directed by Katarzyna Agopsowicz

    Rites of Spring (Cyprus)
    Directed by Yiorgos Tsangaris

    Selection Process (Spain)
    Directed by Carla Pereira

    Sensor Ship (Canada)
    Directed by Jin A. Yoon

    Swallow the Universe (France)
    Directed by Nieto

    Takano Intersection (Japan)
    Directed by Mizuki Ito

    The Adventures of Gloria Scott: Murder in the Cathedral (Croatia)
    Directed by Matija Pisasic, Tvrtko Raspolic

    The Fourth Wall (Iran)
    Directed by Mahboobeh Kalaee

    The Passerby (Belgium)
    Directed by Pieter Coudyzer

    The Stork (Estonia)
    Directed by Lucija Mrzljak, Morten Tinakov

    The Visit (Singapore)
    Directed by Morrie Tan

    The Wet Socks of Berta Reyes (Russia)
    Directed by Alexandra Shadrina

    Under the Skin, the Bark (France)
    Directed by Franck Dion

    Vadim on a Walk (Russia)
    Directed by Sasha Svirsky

    What Resonates in Silence (France)
    Directed by Marine Blin

    When I Am Sad (Armenia)
    Directed by Lilit Altunyan

    Where Were You? (Spain)
    Directed by Maria Trenor

    Up to the Sea, She Weaves a Dream (Iran)
    Directed by Maryam Khalilzadeh

    Whisper Down the Lane (Saudi Arabia)
    Directed by Raghad Albarqi