Admissions to Domestic Films Declined in Romania in 2021

    Snow, Tea and Love by Cătălin Bugean Snow, Tea and Love by Cătălin Bugean source: Cinemagia.ro

    BUCHAREST: Admissions to domestic films declined in Romania from 604,247 in 2020 to 236,291 in 2021, even though more new domestic films were released in 2021: 28, compared to 19 in 2020.

    In the pre-pandemic year 2019 domestic films racked up 772,693 admissions.

    The official statistics also read that the Film Fund increased in 2021 to 10.6 m EUR / 52,536,000 RON from 9.7 m EUR / 48,270,000 in 2020 and 10 m EUR / 49,500,000 in 2019. The Film Fund was collected again from Romanian Film Centre’s own incomes and not from budgetary support.

    General admissions in 2021 were 4,684,904, compared to 3,302,150 in 2020 and 13,129,951 in 2019, according to the official statistics issued by the Romanian Film Centre (CNC).

    Gross box office increased from 13.7 m EUR / 67,985,022 RON in 2020 to 20.5 m EUR / 101,710,350 RON in 2021, but it was far from the pre-pandemic year 2019 when films cashed in 53.7 m EUR / 265,383,592 RON.

    The Romanian film with the most admissions in 2021 is Snow, Tea and Love / Zăpadă, ceai și dragoste by Cătălin Bugean, produced by Zolit Film and distributed by Vertical Entertainment, with 76,369 admissions. It is followed by The Camp / Tabăra by Vali Dobrogeanu, produced by Viva la Vidra and distributed by Vertical Entertainment, with 45,173 admissions; Wild Romania Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn by Radu Jude/ România sălbatică by Dan Dinu and Cosmin Dumitrache, produced by NTD Film in coproduction with Libra Film Productions and Avanpost, and distributed by Transilvania Film, with 25,675 admissions; Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn / Babardeală cu bucluc sau porno balamuc by Radu Jude, produced by microFILM Romania in coproduction with Paul Thiltges Distributions Luxembourg, Czech endorfilm and Croatian Kinorama, and distributed by microMULTILATERAL, with 14,668 admissions; Perfect Strangers / Complet necunoscuți by Octavian Strunilă, produced by Black Maria Film and coproduced by Ecart Studio, Chainsaw Europe Studio and Retina Film Production, and distributed by Ecart Concept, with 13,232 admissions; The Father Who Moves Mountains / Tata mută munții by Daniel Sandu, produced by Mobra Films and coproduced by Swedish Filmgate Film and Film i Vast, and distributed by Voodoo Films, with 13,081 admissions; Pup-o mă 2!: The Crazy Bride / Pup-o mă!2: Mireasa nebună by Camelia Popa, produced by PAPA Pictures and distributed by Sanpopart, with 12,551 admissions; Întregalde by Radu Muntean, produced by Multimedia Est and distributed by Voodoo Films, with 10,915 admissions; So, What's Freedom? / Și atunci… ce e libertatea? by Andrei Zincă, produced by U.S. Double 4 Studios and coproduced by Romania’s Tica Trade, and distributed by Transilvania Film, with 3,153 admissions; and Poppy Field / Câmp de maci by Eugen Jebeleanu, produced by ICON production, coproduced by Motion Picture Management and Cutare Film, and distributed by Icon Production, with 2,673 admissions.

    The most watched Romanian film in the last five years is still Miami Bici by Jesus del Cerro, produced by Studio Indie Productions and Watch Me Productions, and distributed by Vertical Entertainment, with 553,941 admissions.

    Admissions Top 10 is topped by Fast & Furious 9 with 377,279 admissions.

    A total of 23 feature films were produced in 2021, of which 12 were 100% nationally-financed films, five majority coproductions and five minority coproductions, compared to 2020 when 18 films were produced, including nine 100% nationally-financed films, three majority coproductions and five minority coproductions. In all, 35 feature, long documentary and animated films were produced in 2021, compared to 27 in 2020.

    The number of cinemas decreased from 95 in 2020 to 90 in 2021, while the number of seats remained more or less the same (78,079 in 2020 and 78,206 in 2021). There were 443 screens in 2021.

    Average admission per capita increased from 0.17 in 2020 to 0.24 in 2021, while the average ticket price increased from 4.17 EUR / 20.59 RON in 2020 to 4.39 EUR / 21.71 RON in 2021.

    Conrad Mericoffer and Radouan Leflahi in Poppy Field by Eugen JebeleanuThe most important distributors by the number and share of released films in 2021 are Ro Image 2000, Forum Film Romania, Vertical Entertainment, Transilvania Film and Independența Film.

    The major exhibitors in 2021 were Cinema City Romania (with 247 screens and 2,891,622 admissions), Cineplexx Romania (with 35 screens and 497,421 admissions), and EBS Cinema Service (with 14 screens and 195,057 admissions).