FESTIVALS: Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2023 Focuses on Clusters


    BUCHAREST: The 9th edition of the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (BIDFF, 7 – 10 September 2023) is built around the theme of Clusters and is structured into five sections, conceived as “clusters”: Films, VR, Expand, Community, and, for the first time, Exchange.

    These sections offer to the audience a wide range of experiences, from watching dance films and innovative VR experiences to participating in performative conferences, community activities, and international collaborations.

    A total of 25 films from 16 countries were selected for the International Short Dance Film Competition. They are grouped into four programmes.

    The professional training programme of the festival is led by artists with interdisciplinary practice, such as Heike Salzer (Germany/UK), Ioana Vreme Moser (Romania/Germany), and Camelia Neagoe (Romania).

    A new collaboration with Companhia de Dança de Almada (Portugal) takes center stage in the newest section, BIDFF Exchange, and the festival also presents Toons and Grooves, a preview of the 2023 edition of the Animest International Animation Film Festival (6 – 15 October 2023), revolving around the theme of dance and showcasing 10 short films.

    International Short Dance Film Competition:

    Hidden Senses – International Competition I

    Ghostly Labor: A Dance Film (USA)
    Directed by John Jota Leaños, Vanessa Sanchez

    In Light (Bulgaria, France, Italy)
    Directed by Alice Fassi

    Yvon / The Eternal (Canada)
    Directed by Benoit Massé

    Dragon Boys (UK, Ghana)
    Directed by Tom Ringsby

    And Me, I’m Dancing Too (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Mohammad Valizadegan

    Animal Origins (UK)
    Directed by Siobhan Davies

    Inner Voices – International Competition II:

    Everything at Once (Norway)
    Directed by Henrik Dyb Zwart

    Because We Bleed (Germany)
    Directed by Andrea Grambow, Joscha Kirchknopf

    Flowers While You’re Here (Canada)
    Directed by Yú

    Yagoria (Romania)
    Directed by Alina Tofan, Gabriel Durlan

    Offerschicht (Germany)
    Directed by Rain Kencana

    Warsha (France, Lebanon)
    Directed by Dania Bdeir

    Critical Gestures – International Competition III:

    Flowers from Another Garden (Switzerland, Columbia)
    Directed by Jorge Cadena

    Hybris I (Germany)
    Directed by Corentin Kopp, Aaron Arnoldt Alexander

    Just Be (Romania)
    Directed by Stoica Filip, Laz Mihai

    Urban Genesis (France)
    Directed by Fu Le

    Beast (Poland)
    Directed by Iwona Pasińska

    In the Same Boar (Finland)
    Directed by Mervi Junkkonen

    The Death of Ego (Romania)
    Directed by Corina Andrian

    Blurred Moves – International Competition IV:

    Soma (UK)
    Directed by Arturo Bandinelli

    Boléro (France)
    Directed by Nans Laborde-Jourdàa

    Alow (Germany)
    Directed by Tanja Bombach

    I Have No Legs, and I Must Run (China)
    Directed by Yue Li

    Demons (Switzerland)
    Directed by Humbi Entress

    I Remember It Rained (USA)
    Directed by Connor Simpson