Production: Ho-Ho-Ho filming at MediaPro Pictures

By Iulia Blaga

    Romanian company MediaPro Pictures is in production with Ho-ho-ho, a feel good movie from Spanish director Jesus del Cerro.

    Shooting began June 1. Shooting is taking place almost entirely at Băneasa Shopping City, Bucharest, and is due to last one month.

    The comedy tells the story of a eight-year-old boy who receives a day in a shopping center as Christmas gift. Lost from his mother, he meets a thief desguised as Santa Claus.

    Jesus del Cerro, who previously directed TV series One Step Forward and TV movies The Countdown, parts 1 and 2, cast popular actor and singer Ştefan Bănică Jr. in the leading role. The cast includes child actor Bogdan Iancu, Valentin Teodosiu and Adriana Titieni.

    The website of the film, www.ho-ho-ho.ro, will be available soon.

    The film is produced by MediaPro Pictures (http://www.mediapropictures.com/). Producers Alma Sârbu and Patricia Poienaru plan to release the film on November 27.

    Pro TV will air the film on Christmas evening.

    Production information:

    MediaPro Pictures

    1 Studioului Str, Buftea, Ilfov, Romania

    Tel: 0040.31.825.18.40

    Fax: 0040.31.825.11.96