Production: Hanta begins filming next week

By Iulia Blaga

    Director Ioan Cărmăzan (The Wood Cutters, The Blue Sleigh) will begin shooting Hanta, a 100% Romanian production, on August 24.

    The film features "two destinies who against their will have to cross the country and learn to know each other while fulfilling their goals," screenwriter and producer Titi Popescu told FNE.

    The film is an adaption of a book by Romanian detective novelist, Rodica Ojog-Braşoveanu, and is produced by Filmex Film SRL (site under construction). Its budget of approximately €800,000 is partially covered by a €353,000 grant received last year from the National Centre for Cinema (/www.cncinema.abt.ro).

    The shooting will wrap September 24. Hanţa will shoot on location in Bucharest, Căciulaţi, Comarnic and at the Romanian seaside.

    The film is set to be released in September 2010.

    Production Information:

    Filmex Film

    9 Pitar Moş street, Sector 1

    010451, Bucharest, Romania

    Tel/Fax: 0040-21-316.32.54

    Website under construction

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Director: Ioan Cărmăzan

    Script: Titi Popescu

    DOP: Marian Stanciu

    Cast: Bogdan Dumitrache

    Toma Cuzin