PRODUCTION: Omega Rose Filming in Romania

By Iulia Blaga

BUCHAREST: Romanian director George Dorobanţu is completing the filming of his third feature, the science fiction film Omega Rose. The main shooting took place in August-September 2009, with additional photography schedule for July 2011.

The story is set three years after an apocalyptic event has wiped out 99.99% of Earth's population. A young man crosses his country by bicycle to find out what happened. His journey is marked by encounters with a few isolated survivors hiding in fear, and a girl.

The film is an independent Romanian production from Blue Heron Productions & Florin Piersic Jr, together with Keep Movieng (www.KeepMovieng.com). The film is shot on HD with a budget of 15,000 euro.

The script is written by George Dorobanţu and Alexandra M. Păun. Sorin Gociu and George Dorobanţu are the DOPs. The cast includes Mircea Silaghi, Florin Piersic Jr, Cosmin Natanţicu and Ion Besoiu.

The Romanian premiere is set for 2012.

Production information:

Keep Movieng

7, Barbu Lautaru street, Constanta, Romania

Phone: +40 723 932 282

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Director: George Dorobanţu

Script: George Dorobanţu

Alexandra M. Păun

DOP: Sorin Gociu

George Dorobanţu

Cast: Mircea Silaghi

Florin Piersic Jr

Cosmin Natanticu

Ion Besoiu

Rodica Negrea

Bogdan Iancu

Flaviu Crișan

Ioan Gyuri Pascu

Aylin Cadâr

Marius Chivu

Radu Bânzaru

Monica Davidescu

Carmin Ionescu