Slovak Director Juraj Janiš Wraps Shooting on Gritty Eyes

    Gritty Eyes by Juraj Janiš Gritty Eyes by Juraj Janiš credit: Hitchhiker Cinema

    BRATISLAVA: Slovak director Juraj Janiš has wrapped production on his short film Gritty Eyes, a coproduction between Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The film is backed by film funds from both countries.

    After an extensive career in advertising, Juraj Janiš delves into the world of cinema with his short film debut Gritty Eyes, which tells the raw story of the hardships of growing up and searching for Director Juraj Janis, photo: Michal Kostenskyone’s own identity in suburban Slovakia. “Apart from being based on my own experience, I also wanted the film to convey a strong sense of the present: we conducted research and consulted with experts, but our visits at the juvenile correctional facility in Sučany (Slovakia) were absolutely invaluable,” says Juraj Janiš.

    The film is produced by Slovakia’s Hitchhiker Cinema in coproduction with Radio and Television Slovakia and Prague-based Unit + Sofa, according to a press release.

    The development and production of the film were supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and the Czech Film Fund, as well as the Bratislava City Foundation.

    The film was shot on location in Prague and Bratislava. Its international premiere is planned for the spring of 2023. Film Expanded will handle distribution in Slovakia.