Slovenia Ratifies CoE Revised Convention On Cinematographic Coproduction


    LJUBLJANA: Slovenia has ratified Council of Europe’s (CoE) revised convention on cinematographic coproduction, and will be available for coproductions with countries which are not CoE members starting 1 May 2020.

    "Personally, I see the revised convention as an opportunity for Slovenia to participate in larger, international coproductions, which in turn also represents an opportunity for the Slovenian economy and the development of the audio-visual industry in Slovenia," Andrej Štritof, the president of The Association of Audiovisual Producers of Slovenia, told FNE.

    Jelka Stergel, the head of international relations at the Slovenian Film Centre and Slovenia's representative at Eurimages explained that the convention also redefines the lower and upper thresholds of a producer's financial contribution in coproduction, which means that coproductions with smaller financial contributions are now also possible.

    "In bilateral coproductions it has been necessary until now that the minority coproducer’s share was at least 20%, now it is 10%, and in multilateral coproductions the producers may already participate with a 5% share instead of the previous minimum of 10%," Stergel said.

    Slovenia ratified the revised European Convention on film coproduction in Strasbourg on 24 January 2020.