BOX OFFICE: New Domestic Titles in Slovenian Box Office

    Gepack by Žiga Kukovič Gepack by Žiga Kukovič credit: 3230

    LJUBLJANA: The top title in the Slovenian box office in the last week of January was the domestic film Gepack by Žiga Kukovič with 14,598 admissions and 99,660 EUR gross.

    Whisper of a Butterfly by Alen Pavšar, copyright: AlmediaReleased on 25 January 2024 by Fivia, Gepack is a vibrant youth road film with romantic elements, about four guys who decide to go by car and attend a summer coastal music festival. Žiga Kukovič also wrote the script, produced and edited the film.

    This guerilla project produced by 3230 in coproduction with Digital3 Production and Zibrat Studio, and not supported by the Slovenian Film Centre, was inspired by the personal experience of Žiga Kukovič and actor Robert Kladnik. “Our driving force was pure love for film; when we started it we didn’t even dare to dream about releasing it on a big screen,” says Kukovič.

    Three other domestic titles are in the box office, including Whisper of a Butterfly by Alen Pavšar, produced by Almedia, which was a leading domestic title in 2023 with 63,761 admissions and 317,886 EUR gross, Kaj + Ester Forever by Tosja Flaker Berce, produced by Temporama, with 6,680 admissions and 43,003 EUR gross, and Lunatic by Igor Šterk, produced by A.A.C Productions, with 3,501 admissions and 18,498 EUR gross.Actors Maks Dakskobler and Tine Ugrin in Gepack by Žiga Kukovič,  credit: 3230

    The Slovenian total box office in 2023 is estimated at 1,944,638 admissions and 12.508 m EUR gross, which is slightly higher than in 2022 when it reached 1,884,460 admissions and 11,506,788 EUR gross.

    The top 5 titles in the overall 2023 chart by admissions (according to unofficial statistics) were US hits Barbie (with 122,046 admissions), Avatar: The Way of Water (with 99,070 admissions), Oppenheimer (with 81,143 admissions), The Super Mario Bros. Movie (with 62,709 admissions) and Fast X (with 49,227 admissions).