PRODUCTION: Dejan Babosek Wraps First Feature Film in ex-Yugoslavia to Be Released in Dolby Atmos

    Hole by Dejan Babosek Hole by Dejan Babosek copyright: Narayan produkcija

    LJUBLJANA: Slovenian director Dejan Babosek has finished his fourth feature Hole / Jama. This mix of a black comedy, crime story, western and horror film is the first feature film in ex-Yugoslavia to be released in cinemas in Dolby Atmos technology. The film will be released in Slovenian Cinemas on 22 February 2024 by Fivia.

    Babosek, inspired by the films of Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriquez and Sergio Leone, wants to offer a somehow different and kind of wacky experience to the Slovenian film audience.

    “The inspiration for Hole came very spontaneously. It was the summer of 2020 and we had just gone through the first lockdown with its absence of work and social life, something that had never happened to us, neither to our parents nor our grandparents. That’s how the desire and idea to create a short film during summer was born. Taking into consideration the financial Actress Darja Krhin in Hole by Dejan Babosek, copyright: Narayan produkcijalimitations of the creation and the production, I went for this simple story with a minimum number of actors and a forest location. During the filming, the idea came to expand it and to create a long film. It was all actually born out of the desire and love of filmmaking, which went along in this case also with the guerilla production possibilities,” Dejan Babosek told FNE.

    Kevin and Mia are con artists, a kind of modern Bonnie & Clyde, who seduce and rob rich divorcees and widows. But because of Kevin's enormous sexual appetite and Mia's morbid jealousy, the robbery of the rich seductress Emma goes wrong, which leads to many funny and horrifying events.

    The main roles are played by Lea Cok, Marko Plantan and Darja Krhin.

    The ten-days shooting took place in Preddvor, Lukovica, Mengeš and Ljubljana between 2020 and 2022. “The shooting of the film was extremely intense, including physical challenges, difficult terrain and low temperatures, but all the actors were completely dedicated to the project,” Dejan Babosek also said.

    Hole is produced by Dejan Babosek through Narayan Production and Borut Berden through Studio Ritem in coproduction with Teo Rižnar through NuFrame (Slovenia).

    Dejan Babosek (1976) studied History and Theology, as well as Slovenian literature, but he dropped out after his first visit to a film workshop. In 2014 he founded the company Narayan Production, which produces films, music videos and commercials for the Slovenian and regional market.

    Production Information:

    Narayan Production (Slovenia)
    Director Dejan Babosek, copyright: Narayan produkcijaStudio Ritem (Slovenia)
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    NuFrame (Slovenia)

    Director: Dejan Babosek
    Screenwriters: Dejan Babosek, Lea Cok, Marko Plantan
    DoP: Gregor Kitek
    Sound designer: Borut Berden
    Production designer: Milan Hrast
    Editor: Dejan Babosek
    Make-up artist: Barbara Hren
    Costume designer: Izidor Krojač
    Composer: Gašper Muženič
    Cast: Lea Cok, Marko Plantan, Darja Krhin, Jan Predan Zvonar, Katja Fašink, Ali R. Taha