FNE at Festival of Slovenian Film 2020: Arson

    Arson by Majda Širca Arson by Majda Širca

    LJUBLJANA: Majda Širca's fifth documentary Arson / Požig will be screened in the competition of the 23rd Festival of Slovenian Film in Ljubljana (6-11 October 2020). This Slovenian long documentary sheds light on the century that twisted the fates of many in the most painful ways, when people found themselves under the pressure of fascist powers.

    The burning down of the cultural hub of the Slovenian community in Trieste, the symbol of its presence in this city, was merely the beginning of the cruel course of events that unfolded for the people of the region. The arson of the cultural hub (Narodni dom) in Trieste in 1920 was the rise of fascism in Europe. The film interprets the troubled, turbulent, rebellious years before, during and after WWII, that remain controversial long after the border has opened.

    “This is a film on fascism and revolt. It captures a century that cannot be forgotten, nor can it be allowed to be replaced in our historical memory by current convenient political views of the past. But above all, it is a film that in the time of intemperance, rising nationalism, and intolerance, warns us that there can be no other, better world without respect,” says the director and screenwriter Majda Širca.

    The film was entirely produced by Denis Miklavčič through RTV Slovenija with a total budget of 40,966 EUR.

    Arson was screened on national television RTV Slovenija on 24 June 2020.

    Majda Širca Ravnikar, an art historian by profession, has worked as a professor, journalist, television producer of culture, art and documentary programmes. She is the author of several articles and books about film, audio-visual art and humanistic science, and she received several awards for her achievements in electronic media. After 1997 she served as the state secretary at the Ministry of Culture, after 2000 two mandates as the Member of Parliament and as the Minister for Culture (2008-2011). Lately she has been the author (screenwriter and director) of many documentary films at RTVSLO, addressing important issues from the past, present or future.

    Production Information:

    Director Majda ŠircaProducer:
    RTV Slovenija (Slovenia)

    Director: Majda Širca
    Screenwriter: Majda Širca
    DoP: Andrej Lupinc, Zfs
    Editor: Zlatjan Čučkov
    Composer: Borja Močnik
    Sound Designer: Marjan Drobnič