BOX OFFICE: Box Office in Slovenia Falls by Almost 80% in 2020

    Don't Forget to Breathe by Martin Turk Don't Forget to Breathe by Martin Turk

    LJUBLJANA: Slovenian cinema admissions and total box office decreased by some 77% in 2020, compared with 2019 results. Admissions dropped to only 539,970 compared to some 2.45 m in 2019, and the total box office dropped to 2.887 m EUR compared to 12.6 m EUR in 2019 and 12.8 m in 2018.

    Most of Slovenian cinemas operated for just seven months because of the COVID restrictions, and four of those months were with limited capacity. The cinemas were completely closed from 13 March until 27 May and from 17 October until 31 December. In-between they were reopened under additional restrictions, with only 25% seating capacity.

    The top domestic title in 2020 was Let Him Be a Basketball Player 2 directed by Boris Bezić and produced by Gustav Film, with 5,185 admissions and 22,100 EUR in box office. The film had previously generated 80,000 admissions, which made it the top domestic hit in 2019.

    The second place was occupied by the only new domestic release, Don’t Forget to Breathe directed by Martin Turk and produced by Bela Film, which won two Vesna awards (best narrative feature and best DoP) at the 23rd Festival of Slovenian Film in October 2020. The film generated 4,741 admissions and 13,550 EUR in box office.

    Total admissions for domestic films were 24,470 compared to 158,444 in 2019, and generated a total box office of 80,900 EUR compared to 635,135 EUR in 2019. Domestic films represented around 4% in admissions and less than 3% of the total box office in 2020.

    The top titles in 2020 were three US hits: Bad Boys For Life with 56,070 admissions and 257,318 EUR gross; Sonic the Hedgehog with 36,200 admissions and 198.335 EUR gross; and Dolittle with 24,200 admissions and 131,560 EUR gross.