Postwar documentary wins Slovenian Vesna prize for best film


    A documentary about the children of victims of post-World War II killings, Children from Petricek Hill by Miran Zupanic, took the Vesna Award for best film at the 10th Festival of Slovenian Film in Portoro

    The director of Rooster's Breakfast, Marko Nabersnik, also won the Vesna Award for best direction and best story. Vlado Novak captured a Vesna for best actor for his portrayal of a garage owner fantasizing about Severina, the Croatian pop singer, who appears in the feature.

    The Vesna for best actress went to Silva Cusin for her starring role in Estrellita, Metod Pevec's drama about the violin that brings together two families from completely different backgrounds.

    Children from Petricek Hill , the only documentary in the competition programme, portrays the fate of children who were detained at the Teharje camp near Celje together with their parents. They were then separated from their parents in June 1945 and taken to the children's camp Petricek, while their parents fell victims to summary killings by the Communists. The film traces the lives of those children.