Filmbox Live Sets June Launch in Turkey


    SPI International (www.spiintl.com) will launch Filmbox Live, consisting of live-streaming TV channels, in Turkey in June.

    “We are returning to our roots,” says Loni Farhi, the Turkish-born founder and President of SPI International, announcing his company’s recent activities in Turkey. “With Filmbox Live, our new global multi-screen entertainment platform, we are becoming a serious player in the new media segment.”

    SPI’s plans to make Filmbox Live available via all major cable and satellite platforms, mobile services and all Connected TVs in Turkey.

    SPI International was a prominent distributor of television content in Turkey until 1993. Since then the company has established its headquarters in New York and Warsaw with local offices and partnerships throughout Europe, including London, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Sofia and Madrid.