FESTIVALS: Istanbul IFF Announces Projects Selected for the 10th Meetings on the Bridge


ISTANBUL: A total of 15 Turkish projects have been selected for the two sections of Meetings on the Bridge, the Project Development and Work in Progress Workshops organised as part of the 34th Istanbul Film Festival from 11 to 17 April 2015.

The awards that will be granted within the Film Project Development Workshop are: the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture Support Award of 10,000 EUR, Melodika Sound Post-Production Award, French National Cinema Centre Support Award of 10.000 EUR and Mediterranean Film Industry (MFI) Script Workshop Award. Within the Work in Progress Workshop Color-ist Award, Başka Sinema Award and the Efes Award of 10,000 EUR will be granted.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Meetings on the Bridge has helped in the completion of 30 film projects and raised funding of nearly 430.000 EUR for 36 projects. Eight feature films and two documentaries out of 120 applicants were selected for the Film Project Development Workshop and four features and one documentary currently in postproduction out of 18 submissions for the Work in Progress Workshop.

Film Project Development Workshop:

Anons / The Announcement
Directed by Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun
Produced by Halil Kardaş

Av / The Hunt
Directed by Emre Akay
Produced by: Emre Akay, Tolga Topçu, Chad Öztürk

Bir Baba ve Oğlun Ölümü / The Death of Father and Son
Directed by Zekeriya Aydoğan
Produced by Erhan Örs

Çarpık Ev / The Crooked House
Directed by Sinem Sakaoğlu
Produced bt Çiğdem Mater

Hafiye / The Detective
Directed by Mehmet Sait Korkut
Produced by Çekdar Erkıran

Hayatı Beklerken / Waiting for Life (Documentary)
Directed by Ayşe Topra
Produced by Cem Doruk

Herşey O.K / Everything’s O.K
Directed by Theron Patterson
Produced by Armağan Lale

Iguana Tokyo
Directed by Kaan Müjdeci
Produced by Yasin Müjdeci, Nazlı Kilerci

Nebula / Death Horse Nebula
Directed by Tarık Aktaş
Produced by Güneş Şekeroğlu

Yanlama / Ghetto Drift (Documentary)
Directed and produced by Dağhan Celayir

Work in Progress Workshop:

Ben Apaçi Değilim / I Am not Apache
Directed Aytunç Akad
Produced by Cahit Binici, Onur Koçak (İkinci Parti Prodüksiyon)

Gizli / The Hidden
Directed by Ali Kemal Çınar
Produced by Çekdar Erkıran (Layen Film)

Kadir ve Kardeşleri / Frenzy
Directed by Emin Alper
Produced by Nadir Öperli, Enis Köstepen, Cem Doruk (Liman Film)

Mavi Bisiklet / Blue Bicycle (Turkey, Germany)
Directed by Ümit Köreken
Produced by Nursen Çetin Köreken (Drama Film Prodüksiyon)
Coproduced by Leontine Petit (Hamster Film)

Toz Bezi / Dust Cloth (Turkey, France, Germany)
Directed by Ahu Öztürk
Produced by Nesra Gürbüz, Çiğdem Mater (Ret Film)
Coproduced by Marie Gutmann (Meroe Film), Stefan Gieren (Storybay)