The debut feature film Morena by the Croatian director Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović, co-produced by SPOK Films and Staragara from Slovenia, Antitalent from Croatia, and RT Features from Brazil, will have its world premiere in the Directors’ Fortnight (Quinzaine des réalisateurs) programme of the Cannes Film Festival, taking place from 7 to 17 July. 

In addition to the director, the script was co-written by Frank Graziano; the Slovenian co-producers are Jožko Rutar (SPOK Films) and Miha Černec (Staragara); the producers are Danijel Pek (Antitalent) and Rodrigo Teixeira (RT Features); while Zdenka Gold (Spiritus movens) is the co-producer.

35 projects – 25 projects in In Development, Work in Progress and Market Presentation, as well as, 10 projects developed within the Kids Kino Lab – script development workshop to be presented at the upcoming Kids Kino Industry, the pitching and co-production forum for feature films and series (live-action, animation and documentaries) for young audiences.

The event will be held in Warsaw, Poland and online from 28 September to 1 October 2021. The four-day programme of Kids Kino Industry includes masterclasses, workshops, consultants’ tables, panels and many more to be announced at the beginning of September. The accreditation will be on sale from next week. 

The list of the selected projects can be found at the end of this news.

Zlín – On Sunday, May 30, the ECFA awards for the best European children's films were announced in Zlín as part of the online part of the Zlín Film Festival. The awarded films were the Lithuanian short film Matilda and the Spare Head, the French documentary Foward, and the feature film Marona´s Fantastic Tale, which was created in French-Romanian-Belgian co-production. The Zlín Film Festival is a long-term member of the ECFA organization and since 2012 it has also regularly hosted a jury of ECFA members.

Zlín – Today at the Film Studios in Zlín, the organizers of the Zlín Film Festival unveiled the  new project logo, the visual style of this year's festival and the planned form of its 61st year.  Following the main theme of "Literature in Film", the central motif of the visual is again a digi icon, this time connecting "Mr. Camera" and "Mrs. Book", whose joining gives rise to a new  film. The festival is planned to take place in parts – in the spring from May 28 to June 1 and in  the autumn from September 9 to 15, 2021.

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Climate collapse alert,
the central theme of the

Astra Film festival sibiu

Tickets and festival passes for the AFF Sibiu events now on sale on the website and the Eventbook platform.

What is awaiting us, as mere earthlings, after all the bad things we’ve done and continue to do? This is probably the most important question of the moment, which is why the central theme of the 28th edition of the Astra Film Sibiu festival is called the "Climate collapse alert". Other strong themes in the AFF Sibiu programme refer to couple relationships, birth and death, the boundaries between people, individualism, unexpected situations, and the extraordinary stories of some remarkable people. Astra Film Festival will take place in Sibiu between September 5th -12th, outdoors, in cinemas and online. Tickets are on sale on the festival’s website and on the Eventbook platform, and the full programme is available at:

BUCHAREST: Much Ado about Christmas directed by Michael Damian wrapped shooting in Romania with Castel Film Studios providing services and several local professionals in the crew.

WARSAW: European scriptwriters and producers who are interested in developing films or series (live action, animation or documentary) for kids and youth can apply to the international script development workshop Kids Kino Lab until 15 October 2021.

BUCHAREST: A total of 28 titles from 14 countries are competing in the International Competition of the 7 edition of the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (1-5 September 2021), a platform for exquisite films that use movement as their main language or the body as their main subject.

PRAGUE: Submissions for the 24th edition of the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival are now open. The festival will take place from 21 March to 3 April 2022.