CineLink Announces Selection


    SARAJEVO: A total of 14 projects and three guest projects have been selected to CineLink,  the co-production market of Sarajevo International Film Festival (14-22 August 2015). The projects are directed by Aida Begić, Erol Mintas and Tinatin Kajrishvili among others.

    The CineLink Co-Production Market presents the most promising regional feature projects in the development and financing stage. The selection has traditionally been focused on Southeast Europe but for the past few years has also become open for projects from the Caucasus region. In addition, three projects will be presented in partnership with the Doha Film Institute, IMCINE and The Arab Fund for Arts & Culture. Awards funds totaling more than 160,000 EUR will be offered in cash and services.

    Full list of projects:

    Lankaran (Azerbaijan/France)
    Directed by Elvin Adigozel

    A Coat of Gold (Hungary/Romania)
    Directed by Cristina Grosan
    Produced by Mindwax Ltd

    In the Strange Pursuit of Laura Durand (Greece)
    Directed by Dimitris Bavellas

    Otar’s Death (Georgia/Germany)
    Directed by Ioseb Bliadze
    Produced by Color of May
    Imanov & Blondiau Filmproduktion GbR

    The Son (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Directed by Ines Tanovic
    Produced by Dokument (http://www.dokument.ba/)

    Crows (Turkey)
    Directed by Erol Mintas
    Produced by Mintas Film

    Nothing to Worry About (Macedonia/Czech Republic)
    Directed by Dimitar Banov
    Produced by Xova Film, sro

    Soldiers (Romania)
    Directed by Ivana Mladenovic
    Produced by Hi Film (hifilm.ro)

    Iguana Tokyo (Turkey)
    Directed by Kaan Mujdeci
    Produced by: Coloured Giraffes

    Manji (Georgia)
    Directed by Tinatin Kajrishvili
    Produced by: Gemini

    A Ballad (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Directed by Aida Begić
    Produced by Film House Sarajevo (http://www.filmhouse.ba/)

    Hamarat Apartment (Turkey)
    Directed by Huseyin Karabey
    Produced by ASI film (http://www.asifilm.com/en)

    Life Begins aka Freestyle (Croatia, Germany, Macedonia)
    Directed by Sergej Stanojkovski
    Produced by Avvantura d.o.o. (www.filmforumzadar.com)
    Supported by HAVC (havc.hr)

    The Professor (Romania)
    Directed by Radu Dragomir
    Produced by Strada Film (stradafilm.ro)

    Guest projects:

    Parijat (Qatar)
    Directed by Hend Fakhroo

    The Taste of Apples is Red (Syria, United States of America, Palestine, Qatar)
    Directed by Ehab Tarabieh

    Honeymoon Flight (Georgia, Russia)
    Directed by Rezo Gigineishili
    Produced by 20 Steps Production (http://www.20steps.ge/)