GRANTS: Film Fund Sarajevo Cancels 2023 Grants and Opens New Call


    SARAJEVO: The Acting Members of the Board of Directors of Film Fund Sarajevo have annulled their funding decisions taken in 2023 and opened new calls following a decision of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    The Government made this decision in August 2023 after the Association of Film Directresses and Directors of Bosnia and Herzegovina had complained that the decision of the Board of Directors of the Film Fund did not comply with the Decision of the Federal Government regarding the programme of allocation of funds.

    With the decision of the Board announced on 22 November 2023, both decisions of the Board taken in 2023 for film production grants and for support to complementary activities (including film festival organisation, film promotion and education) were cancelled.

    Both calls have been reopened until 8 December 2023.

    As part of the funds has already been paid out to the recipients, the decision on how this situation is going to be solved is still pending. The amount of the new funds has not been announced yet.