PRODUCTION: International Coproduction Kebab Royal Wraps Shooting

    Kebab Royal Kebab Royal

    SOFIA: The Belgian/Dutch/Bulgarian dramatic comedy Kebab Royal by Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens entered postproduction.

    “The story of King Nicolas the 2nd of Belgium, who is experiencing a real odyssey while visiting the Balkans, is a mixture of poetry, absurdity and gravitas. In the centre, however, is the state of mind and the state of soul of the King, who is being constantly confronted with the fragility, beauty and contradictions of Europe”, Jessica Woodworth told FNE. Peter Van den Begin, Titus De Voogdt and Lucie Debay are starring.

    The film is produced by Belgium’s Bo Films and Entre Chien et Loup, with Netherlands’s Topkapi and Bulgaria’s Art Fest Ltd. The budget is almost 2 m EUR. Shooting took place in Brussels, Istanbul and Bulgaria. The project received 185,000 EUR from Eurimages in December 2014.

    The film was initially set to be shot in Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in the end Bulgaria was chosen to replace them all. The Bulgarian coproducer Stefan Kitanov, who is working together with his close collaborator Mira Staleva, told FNE that the shooting in Bulgaria started on 7 June 2015 and wrapped a month later.

    The significant Bulgarian participation included the famous actor Valentin Ganev and the popular singer Nina Nikolina in the cast, second assistant director, casting director, line producer, production and costume designers, make-up artist and various technical crew members.

    Jessica Woodworth also told FNE that “the level of professionalism was very high in Bulgaria” and that she was “extremely satisfied with all the departments.”

    Production Information:

    Art Fest Ltd.
    Mira Staleva, Stefan Kitanov
    1, Bulgaria Sq.
    1463 Sofia, Bulgaria
    Phone: +359 2 9166 029
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Jessica Woodworth & Peter Brosens
    Scriptwriters: Jessica Woodworth & Peter Brosens
    DoP: Ton Peters
    Art Director: Sabina Christova
    Costume Designers: Eka Bichinashvili, Claudine Tychon
    Sound: Pepijn Aben
    Editing: David Verdurme
    Cast: Peter Van den Begin, Titus De Voogdt, Lucie Debay, Bruno Georis, Pieter van der Houwen, Goran Radakovic, Valentin Ganev, Nina Nikolina