FESTIVALS: 15th Sofia Meetings Ready to Kick Off


    SOFIA: A total of 29 projects are participating in the 15th Sofia Meetings (15-18 March 2018), the industry platform of the 22nd Sofia International Film Festival (7-18 March 2018).


    First Films First:

    Dajna (Albania)
    Directed by Christos Netsos

    Inventory (Slovenia)
    Directed by Darko Sinko
    Produced by December Film

    Life Beats Reality (Romania)
    Directed by Andreea Vălean
    Produced by Amoidee

    Man and Dog (Romania, Sweden)
    Directed by Ştefan Constantinescu
    Produced by Hi Film Productions
    Coproduced by Doppelganger

    Mnk Boy (Turkey, Netherlands)
    Directed by Mete Gümürhan

    Murina (Croatia)
    Directed by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović
    Produced by Spiritus Movens

    Peter and the Wolf (Greece)
    Directed by Thanasis Neofotistos

    Zuhal (Turkey)
    Directed by Nazli Elif Durlu

    Second Film Projects:

    Amnesty (Slovakia)
    Directed by Jonas Karasek
    Produced by Azyl Production

    Beggar (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Nadejda Koseva
    Produced by Borough Film

    Bunker (Slovakia)
    Directed by György Kristóf
    Produced by Silverart

    Duo (Spain)
    Directed by Meritxell Colell

    Earthquake (Israel)
    Directed by Idan Haguel

    The Crown of Creation (Hungary)
    Directed by László Csuja, Anna Nemes

    Plus minus One Projects:

    Crissea IV (Romania)
    Directed by Vladimir Dembinski
    Produced by Libra Film Productions (librafilm.net)

    Ja Sam Ana (Italy)
    Directed by Ado Hasanovic

    March. April. May (Russia)
    Directed by Andrey Gryazev

    Saving One Who Was Dead (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Václav Kadrnka
    Produced by Sirius Film

    The Good Driver (Bulgaria, Finland)
    Directed by Tonislav Hristov
    Produced by Making Movies
    Coproduced by Soul Food

    The Pass (Georgia, France)
    Directed by Siddiq Barmak
    Produced by Wagonnet
    Coproduced by Arizona Films

    The Pleasure Is All Mine (Brazil, Argentina)
    Directed by Sacha Amaral

    To Flee (Bulgaria, France)
    Directed by Lubomir Bakchev
    Produced by Klas Film
    Copoduced by Eagle Team Entertainment, Les Films Velvet

    Wolf (Ireland)
    Directed by Nathalie Biancheri
    Produced by Feline Films

    Projects in Bank:

    Avanos (Greece)
    Directed by Panagiotis Charamis

    Azis (working title) (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Niya Aleksandrova, Dimitar Gochev
    Produced by Dreams Industry

    Darkling (Serbia, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Dusan Milic
    Produced by Film Deluxe Intl

    Defining Oliver (Macedonia)
    Directed by Vladimir Mitrevski
    Produced by Dream Factory

    How I Learned to Fly (Serbia)
    Directed by Radivoje Andrić
    Produced by Sense Production

    Orange (Turkey)
    Directed by Barış Kaya

    Patrol Cars (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Stephan Komandarev
    Produced by Argo Film

    Jewish Girl (Israel, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Sharon Bar Ziv
    Produced by Chouchkov Brothers

    The Kids Are Coming (Turkey, France)
    Directed by Mustafa Nuri

    The Trojan Crisis (Bulgaria, France)
    Directed by François Nouguies
    Produced by Agitprop

    The Other Side of the Story (Turkey)
    Directed by Münir Karataş

    The Storm before the Calm (Poland)
    Directed by Marcin Bortkiewicz
    Produced by PS Film

    This Is Awful (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Lyubomir Pechev
    Produced by B2Y Productions

    Yarushka (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Valentin Ganev
    Produced by Dream Team Films