FNE at 40th Anniversary Golden Rose FF: Block

    Block by Todor Matsanov Block by Todor Matsanov Courtesy of Golden Rose FF

    VARNA: Todor Matsanov’s feature film Block will screen in the main competition of the 40th Anniversary Golden Rose National Film Festival (23 – 29 September 2022). A+ will distribute the film in Bulgaria in November 2022.

    Francesco Frattini, an Italian living and working in Bulgaria since 2009, and Todor Matsanov wrote the five interweaving stories of the script. They take place during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns in one day at a modern block of flats.

    “Francesco’s job is not directly related to cinema, but he adores watching films and writing books. In May 2021 he came to me with a first draft of the script, I liked it and we started working together. Little by little, the plot turned into a kind of tragicomedy, a dark romantic comedy with dystopian elements. Finally, we decided to call it a dramedy”, Todor Matsanov told FNE.

    “Additionally to co-writing the script, Frattini is financing the whole production. Therefore, we had to shoot in a minimalist style. Most of the crew members, all of them excellent professionals, invested their own work”, Matsanov added.

    The cast combines actors from different generations: younger Dimitar Nikolov, Katrin Vasileva, Dimo Aleksiev, Daria Simeonova, Dimitar Krumov, Anton Dimitrachkov, and relatively older Borislav Chuchkov, Stefan Denoliubov and Lubomir Neikov.

    The DoP Damian Dimitrov, who up to that moment had shot mostly short films and advertising clips, involved last generation equipment and brought a modern look to the image.

    The shooting lasted for 15 days and took place in November 2021. The exteriors were shot in front of Block No 3 of the famous Sofia B-5 Complex. Interiors like entrances, staircases, elevator landings and apartments were located in other districts of the capital.

    The film was produced by Francesco Frattini’s Phoenix Production with its own capital together with A+ as technical postproduction supervisor. The budget is around 180,000 EUR.

    Production Information:

    Phoenix Production (Bulgaria)
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    Director: Todor Matsanov
    Scriptwriters: Francesco Frattini, Todor Matsanov
    DoP: Damian Dimitrov
    Music: Asen Hristov
    Cast: Cast: Dimitar Nikolov, Katrin Vasileva, DimoAleksiev, Daria Simeonova, Dimitar Krumov, Anton Dimitrachkov, Borislav Chuchkov, Stefan Denoliubov, Lubomir Neikov