Nadejda Koseva’s Bulgarian/German The Trap to Be Released in Bulgaria in October 2024

    The Trap by Nadejda Koseva The Trap by Nadejda Koseva credit: Kiril Prodanov

    SOFIA: Nadejda Koseva’s sophomore feature The Trap will be released in Bulgarian cinemas in October 2024 by Purple Rain. The Bulgarian/German film has recently received the Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor Award for Alexander Trifonov at the SEE Los Angeles 2024, as well Best Director, Best Production Design and Best Lead Actor at the 3rd National Film Festival “Vasil Gendov” - Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers Awards, held on 16 Маy 2024.

    The story follows Božeka, a codger with a highly developed sense of dignity, who lives alone on the banks of the Danube in harmony with nature and the animals in his small peculiar zoo. When the local oligarch, with the support of the mayor and the chief of police, starts a profitable, but dangerous nuclear waste storage project near the city, Božeka turns out to be the only one who dares to oppose him.

    The Trap by Nadejda Koseva, credit: Kiril ProdanovТhe main cast includees Alexandr Triffonov, Yanitsa Atanasova, Mihail Stoyanov, Kamen Kalev, Dan Nikolov, Nikolay Todorov, Nikolai Chobanski and Ivan Markov.

    The Trap is about the hidden animal in every human and the secret human in every animal. I wanted to remind the audience about our crucial right to stand up for our freedom and our genuine due to live a life with a purpose. I do find the necessity to talk about our morale truly urgent and profound. The script inspired me to capture the magical world of the wild nature and to witness the life of the mysterious Danube River. I wished to make the viewer feel the miracle of the creation and the danger of the ecological catastrophe we are facing today. For me it was essential to build the characters rather rough. I dreamed of telling a myth, not a contemporary realistic film,” Nadejda Koseva told FNE.

    Vladimir Andreev is producing through Borough Film (Bulgaria) in coproduction with Herbert Schwering and Kristine Kyauk through Coin Film (Germany), as well as the Bulgarian National Television, Right Solutions (Bulgaria), Maxim 15 (Bulgaria), Kinolight (Bulgaria), MagicShop (Bulgaria) and Dolly Media Studio (Bulgaria).

    The total budget was 707,538 EUR, of which 501,066 EUR came from the Bulgarian National Film Center, 61,355 EUR from the Bulgarian National Television and 50,145 EUR as private investment from Coin Film.

    The project was presented at the Sofia Meetings (2018), Crossroads Thessaloniki (2018), Transylvania Pitch Stop (2019), CineLink Industry Days Works in Progress (2022) and San Sebastian Works in Progress Europa (2022).

    “The main themes of the film, protecting one's own dignity and the nature around us, are especially important nowadays. In the film, they are not developed abstractly or theoretically, but through the main character. He is a natural ‘environmentalist’ and he protects nature not because he has read ecological theories, but because he lives in close contact with it every day, and Director Nadejda Koseva, credit: Kiril Prodanovthus knows and loves it. Božeka must also protect his own dignity, and he does it with a subtle sense of humour, and when necessary, he is ready to pay a high price to preserve it,” producer Vladimir Andreev told FNE.

    The film was shot in 30 days during the summer of 2022 and the postproduction was completed in February 2023.

    The international premiere of the film took place at Mostra, São Paulo International Film Festival 2023.