Production: Ao in rehearsals in Sofia

By Pavlina Jeleva

French directorJacques Malaterre is in Sofia rehearsing the UGC YMhigh budget epic fictionAo: The Last Neanderthal based on Marc Klapczynski's book Aô, Ancient Man.

The film, which retraces the imaginary journey of a Neanderthalnomad(Ao) across Europe and his meeting with a Homo sapiens girl (Aki), is filming in Bulgaria, France and the Ukraine.

Shooting began on January 21 in the Ukraine and will end on July 30 in France. Exterior locations are being filmed near Sofia. Malaterre is in his second rehearsal week with his Bulgarian cast, which included actress Vessela Kazakova (Prima Primavera).

The executive producer is the Sofia based Patrick Sandrin of Sofilm (www.sofilm.net), working with producer Yves Marmion of UGC YM (www.ugc.fr). Sandrin was the key person for the Bulgarian/Ukrainian connection for the film, which is employing over 120 local cast and crew members.

Production information:

Script: Jacques Malaterre, Michel Fessler, Philippe Isard, based on Marc Klapczynski's book Aô, Ancient Man

Director: Jacques Malaterre

Director of Photography: Sabine Lancelin

Art director: Christian Marti

Costumes: Jean Daniel Vuillermoz

Sound: Jean luc Verdier

Producer: Yves Marmion for UGC YM


AO: Simon Sutton

AKI: Aruna Shields

Aguik: Helmi Dridi

Ounak: Vessela Kazakova



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Sofia - 1000



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