PRODUCTION: The Reaper in Development

By FNE Staff

    ZAGREB: Zvonimir Juric is developing The Reaper, a drama with four stories connected by an accidental death, produced by Ankica Juric Tilic and Kinorama (www.kinorama.hr).

    Shooting is planned to start at the end of February 2013.

    ankicajuric-fullKosac/The Reaper (the previous English working title was St. Anne in the Fields) is written by Juric and Jelena Paljan. Co-producers are expected on the film, with a budget of 1,160,000 Euro. The Croatian Audiovisual Center (www.havc.hr) gave the project a production grant of 560,000 Euro.

    The project participated at Cinelink Plus 2010, at the Sarajevo Film Festival (www.sff.ba/en/cinelink), the Producer's Lab in Toronto International Film Festival and the Netherlands Production Platform during the Utrecht Film Festival 2010 (www.filmfestival.nl). Tilic was also selected with The Reaper to participate in the Ace Producers - Ateliers du Cinema Europeen (www.ace-producers.com).

    Production Information

    25 Štoosova
    10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
    Phone: +385 (0)1 231 67 87
    Fax: +385 (0)1 231 67 88


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    Director: Zvonimir Juric

    Script: Zvonimir Juric

    Jelena Paljan