PRODUCTION: Free in Production

By FNE Staff

    ZAGREB: Vlatka Vorkapic is shooting Free, a 50 minute documentary for the Croatian company FADE IN Production (www.fadein.hr).

    The film questions "the things we receive in life for free and why culture is more appealing when it's free," producer Morana Komljenović told FNE.

    Davorin Šišmanović and Vlatka Vorkapić wrote the script, and Iva Kraljević is the cinematographer and editor. Shooting began in Zagreb and the surrounding area in January 2012.

    Besplatno/Free received a 17,334 Euro grant from the Croatian Audiovisual Center (www.havc.hr). Negotiations with Croatian Public Television (www.hrt.hr) are in an early stage. The premiere is set for winter 2013.

    Production Information


    Nova Ves 18

    10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

    Phone/Fax: +385 (0)1 4667 815


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    Director: Vlatka Vorkapić

    Script: Davorin Šišmanović

    Vlatka Vorkapić

    DOP: Iva Kraljević

    Editor: Iva Kraljević