PRODUCTION Aurora Borealis in Development

    Spomenko Karić Spomenko Karić

    ZAGREB: Spomenko Karić’s travelogue Aurora Borealis will cover his 30 day trip from Croatia to Scandinavia aiming to gather the largest collection of photos of people in the world.

    Spomenko Karić is producing through his company, S&S production, and has a budget of 20,000 EUR. He will shoot his trip from the heart of Croatia to the most Northern point of Europe, Nordkapp in 30 days, from 14 March to 14 April 2014. Karić is also the DoP. He plans to cross Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark in winter, approximately 12,000 km.

    He has a partner, CoCro (Cooperation Croatia) and has opened a fundraising site (http://www.silverstarss.hr/). This independent documentary is expected to be finished and to have the premiere in September 2014.

    Production information
    S&S production
    Kovačićeva 22
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