Croatian Audiovisual Centre Proposes to Increase Incentives to 30%

    Kvarner Film Meetings in Opatija 2022 Kvarner Film Meetings in Opatija 2022 photo: Vladimir Mudrovčić

    ZAGREB: The Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) is proposing an increase in incentives for international productions shooting in Croatia from 25 to 30%, and three percent from the total amount to fuel the domestic production.

    "The incentive programme is extremely successful. It was launched to have a positive impact on domestic production, and this has only been achieved to some extent”, HAVC director Chris Marchich said during the first edition of the Kvarner Film Meetings, which was held in Opatija on 1 April 2022.

    The idea of ​​increasing incentives in favour of domestic AV production was welcomed by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Media, Krešimir Partl, who emphasised that since the introduction of the incentive system in 2011, Croatia has generated 172.3 m EUR / 1.3 billion HRK in spending. Krešimir Partl said that new funding opportunities for the film industry are being explored, according to a press release from HAVC.

    The incentive programme brought Croatia 25.9 m EUR / 195.8 m HRK in 2021, while the Croatian Audiovisual Centre collected taxes totalling 3 m EUR / 22.6 m HRK in the same year.

    The first edition of the Kvarner Film Meetings in Opatija was organised by the Kvarner Film Commission and brought together filmmakers and representatives of public bodies, as well as all other actors who can contribute to the promotion of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County as an attractive film destination.