Kino Magistrala Network of Cinemas Launched in Croatia

    Kino Magistrala Network of Cinemas Launched in Croatia source: Kino Mediteran

    ZAGREB: The new network of Croatian cinemas Kino Magistrala brings together the Kino Mediteran chain of open-air cinemas, Art-kino Croatia in Rijeka, Kinoteka Zlatna vrata in Split and Kinematografi Dubrovnik, effectively covering the entire coastal region of Croatia.

    The project aims at displaying a range of content for a wider audience, from contemporary film hits to nostalgic memories, from school programmes to special film events for young people.

    “What unites us as partners from Rijeka to Dubrovnik is a great commitment to independent, European film, but also the seasonality of our work, because our summer activities take place in beautiful open air cinemas, and during winter inside indoor cinemas. We have designed in detail an approach in which each partner is strong in a certain segment and with its expertise and experience can help other cinemas to improve certain segments of their business. We involve spectators in the activities and that is the key to our strategy of returning to the cinema. The viewer is not only an object and consumer of content, but also participates in activities, and such an experience gives them a new experience, connects them with the cinema and creates a sense of belonging to the cinema community," said Alen Munitić, coordinator of Kino Magistrala.

    Part of the Kino Magistrala project is the creation of a joint school programme in all partner cinemas, which will be implemented in cooperation with primary and secondary schools. More than 60 film titles are becoming part of a unique catalogue for teachers, and the Adriatic region will be the first to implement the original school programme of media culture and literacy as early as the autumn of 2022.

    Kino Magistrala is one of 15 European projects and the only one from Croatia that was supported by Europa Cinemas and Creative Europe through the MEDIA subprogramme. It was supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and the Office for Non-Governmental Organisations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.