German Thriller Wrongful Death Shot in Croatia

    Wrongful Death by Vjekoslav Katušin Wrongful Death by Vjekoslav Katušin credit: Dream Team Pictures

    ZAGREB: Hollywood stars Eric Roberts and Michael Paré are among the cast of the German thriller Wrongful Death, directed by Vjekoslav Katušin and produced by Germany-based Dream Team Pictures, which wrapped filming in the eastern Croatian region of Slavonija and Baranja.

    Based on a script by Miroslav Trčak, the film is set inside the darkness of a strange room, where a corrupt journalist and a sinful woman end up in a cruel game of life and death.

    The cast includes Isabella Brenza, Alexander Man, Raquel Montes, Monique Bartnik, Jenny Paris, Kristijan Glavaš and Mario Zelić.

    The production started on 4 January 2023, with a total of 12 filming days in the Croatian cities of Beli Manastir and Osijek.

    “People always ask me why Baranja. And why not? Dubrovnik is not the only city where Hollywood films can be filmed, Baranja has locations where every genre of film can be done”, emphasised Vjekoslav Katušin, who is also producing the film.

    The film is lensed by Krešimir Knezović and it will be edited in Croatia. Postproduction will be done in Berlin.

    The film is expected to be completed in June or July 2023, with the world premiere set for Halloween in Munich.