Croatian Animated Film Cricket and Antoinette Sold to 40 Territories and Successful at Home

    Cricket and Antoinette by Luka Rukavina Cricket and Antoinette by Luka Rukavina credit: DIEDRA

    ZAGREB: The long animated film Cricket and Antoinette, directed by Luka Rukavina and produced by Croatia’s Diedra in coproduction with Zagrebfilm, has become the most-watched film in Croatian cinemas in 2023, with 43,334 admissions since the theatrical release on 5 January. The film has been sold to 40 territories and will be presented to potential new buyers at the Berlinale European Film Market (16 – 22 February 2023).

    In addition to the strong release in its home country, Croatia’s Duplicato Media is handling the distribution in seven other countries in the region. Cricket and Antoinette is currently screening in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is expected to be released by Duplicato in Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

    “Our goal was to return the animated film to the domestic audience, and we seem to have succeeded. Luckily, the film is universal enough to be successfully distributed internationally. We are literally swamped with requests”, producer Dino Krpan told FNE.

    Cricket and Antoinette is distributed internationally by Canada’s Attraction Distribution. The Polish theatrical release is set for 17 March 2023, and the screening materials are already being delivered to Taiwan, USA and Canada. The film has also been sold to Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, and to 24 countries in the MENA region, making it the biggest Croatian international success so far.

    Cricket and Antoinette is the first Croatian long animated film for children in over 10 years, and the first long film to be fully 3D animated.