Gabriele Salvatores Shoots New Feature Naples - New York in Croatia

    Naples - New York by Gabriele Salvatores shooting in Croatia - the Galeb ship Naples - New York by Gabriele Salvatores shooting in Croatia - the Galeb ship credit: City of Rijeka

    RIJEKA: Italian Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores is currently shooting his new feature film Naples - New York in Croatia, on locations in and around Rijeka city. The screenplay was originally written by Federico Fellini and Tulio Pinelli, but Fellini failed to finalise the project. Italian production company Paco Cinematografica bought the script and is producing.

    According to the estimates of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, more than 1 m EUR will be spent in Croatia during the planned four weeks of filming. About 30 Croatian film workers, as well as approximately 250 extras are engaged in the project. However, Danijel Pek from the Croatian production company Antitalent, which performs the service work, pointed out that the film is not part of the incentive scheme or co-financed in Croatia.

    Naples - New York follows two children who, in war-torn Naples, illegally boarded an ocean liner in 1949 to go to New York. Fellini had never been to New York and presented the city in an oniric Mayor of Rijeka Marko Filipović and Daniel Pek on the Galeb ship, credit: City of Rijekaway, through the eyes of children. On screen, this effect will be achieved with locations in Rijeka and Trieste, which will stand in for New York.

    Part of the filming will also take place on the legendary ship Galeb, which belonged to the ex-Yugoslavian head of state Josip Broz Tito and is now being renovated in the Kraljevica shipyard. Other locations are in Italy.

    The film stars Pierfrancesco Favino, Anna Ammirati and Anna Lucia Pierro.

    The shooting in Croatia ends on 15 July 2023 and the film is expected to premiere next summer.