Amazon TV Series The Terminal List: Dark Wolf Wraps Shooting in Croatia

    The Terminal List The Terminal List credit: Amazon Prime

    ZADAR: The Croatian coastal city of Zadar stood in as battle-ravaged Mosul for the filming of the Amazon TV series The Terminal List: Dark Wolf, serviced by Croatia’s Embassy Films. The producers benefited from the 25% tax rebate offered by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre through the Filming in Croatia programme.

    Created by Jack Carr and David DiGilio, produced by USA’s Civic Center Media and Hill District Media, and starring Tom Hopper, Taylor Kitsch and Luke Hemsworth, The Terminal List: Dark Wolf is a prequel of the action thriller hit-series The Terminal List, based on the eponymous book by Jack Carr.

    The crew spent a total of three days (16 – 18 April 2024) at the main set in Zadar, in a nearby town Biljane Donje, and on the island of Pag. Out of the 458 crew members, 83 were Croatian film professionals and extras.