German Migrant Drama Starring Amanda Plummer Shot on a Croatian Island

    Run by Uwe Boll shooting on Krk Run by Uwe Boll shooting on Krk credit: Kinostar

    KRK: German writer/director Uwe Boll shot his feature film Run on the Croatian island of Krk from 17 to 29 April 2024. The production benefited from the 25% cash rebate offered by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre through the Filming in Croatia programme.

    The cast includes Amanda Plummer, Daniel Sauli, James Russo, Ulrich Thompsen, Barkhad Abdi, Kristen Renton, and others.

    Run is produced by Boll himself, the executive producer is Germany’s Kinostar and service producer Croatia’s Borvel film.

    Out of the 107 film professionals employed on the set in the Baška resort on the island of Krk, 79 were local cast and crew.

    The film follows a boat carrying African migrants through the Mediterranean to Europe, by focusing on the individual storylines of the migrants, locals and tourists through the violent course of their arrival to a small coastal town.

    Postproduction will be carried out by USA’s Tunnel Post, and the first cut should be ready for festival submissions at the end of June 2024.