PRODUCTION: Translator Wraps Filming

By FNE Staff

    ZAGREB: The Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC, www.havc.hr) announced that a five week shoot on Translator was completed in mid-March. The film, directed by Biljana Čakić Veselič, is produced by Inter Film (www.interfilm.hr) and public broadcaster Croatian Radio and Television (www.hrt.hr) with funding from HAVC.

    The screenplay, adapted from a story by Lydia Scheuermann Hodak, was co-written by Hodac, Veselič, and Branko Šomen. The film, set in 1991 during the war in Yugoslavia, follows the life of a translator living in the hardest hit region of Croatia whose husband leaves for Zagreb to flee the war and whose young son tries to enlist on the frontlines.

    The lead roles are played by Ksenija Marinković, Nenad Cvetko and Hrvoje Perc. The producer is

    Production Credits:

    Producer: Ivan Maloča

    DoP: Slobodan Trninić

    Editor: Veljko Segarić

    Production Contacts:

    Inter Film

    Nova Ves 45/2

    10000 Zagreb, Croatia

    Tel. +385 1 4667 290, Fax. +385 1 4667 022

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Croatian Radio and Television

    10000 Zagreb

    Prisavlje 3

    +385 1 6342 634