FNE IDF Doc Bloc: Two New Czech Documentaries in the Czech Cinemas


    Two new Czech documentaries, A Colourful Tail of a Flying Comet and Mills of God, were theatrically released in Czech Republic on 24 September 2015.

    Václav Kučera and Romek Hanzlík’s A Colourful Tail of a Flying Comet (AMP Production, Bio Art Production, Czech TV , Indies MG) is a portrait of the famous Czech composer, lyricist, piano player and lead singer of the band Psí vojáci, Filip Topol, while Josef Císařovský’s Mills of God (Synergia Film, Czech TV ) shows the dark side of Šumava (Böhmerwald) changed into a death zone by the guards of the borders behind the Iron curtain.

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