FNE at KVIFF 2019: Prague Film Fund Continues Call for Projects


    KARLOVY VARY: The Prague Film Fund will complete its next call for projects on 20 July 2019. The fund has distributed 960,000 EUR of its 2 m EUR budget, which runs through the end of 2019.

    Speaking at the Karlovy Vary IFF's Industry Days, Ludmilla Clausova, chair of the fund’s board, said the fund has already supported 20 projects, film and TV productions. They include:

    Halves, an Iranian/Czech/Slovenian/French coproduction directed by Ali Mossafa, through i/o post

    The Pilot a Czech/Slovak coproduction directed by Petr Zelenka, through 0.7 km films

    Spider-Man: Far from Home directed by  Ion Watts, through Stillking Films, which received the largest support, 200,000 EUR.

    A company can receive up to 200,000 EUR in total for all approved projects. The fund can be used together with other public funds, but the total amount of public funding in the budget cannot exceed 50%.

    The fund was given 2 m EUR from the city’s department of tourism to distribute over the three-year period of 2017 – 2019, with the requirement that the film or TV project promote Prague abroad. The city will discuss the continuation of the project in September or October, and expectations are that they will keep the programme running.